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The Legend of Zelda

2009-10-15 22:33:33 by Nickapassa

Is a cool series, I have all so far.
It's the best series in gaming!

The Legend of Zelda

2009-10-04 01:51:14 by Nickapassa

Is cool.


2009-09-22 21:17:10 by Nickapassa

By me, and my 15th poem.
Not all are on NGs.

That cold color.
Filled with sorrow, and tears.
The color of hopelessness.
The color of depression.
The sight of it, the feeling of darkness.
Danger, sounds in the dark blue night.
The color of fear.
Blue, that cold, sad color.

The Escape

2009-09-19 14:05:14 by Nickapassa

The thrill of escaping, the thrill of ditching.
My heart's beating, have I been seen?
The loud voice calling out to stop.
I run, faster and faster.
Up the stairs, behind a column.
Heart beating, unable to hear the slow pounding steps.
Only the fast rhythmic beating.
The light shines on me.
Everything so real, lucid.
But no escaping.
I've been caught.
Jacket and self pulled into a decrepit rusty cell.
Oh woe is me.

New PF Images

2009-09-12 00:08:16 by Nickapassa

By using Artrage and PSP8 I have a new header and user images.

The Lonely Loner

2009-09-04 23:32:23 by Nickapassa

He just stands there, looking down.
Hands in his big black sweater's pockets.
Long red hair over his eyes.
Standing, quiet as the long dead.
A breeze rolls along his hair sways to the soft breeze.
He's quiet, still as a dead clock's second hand.
His black jacket hoody doesn't move.
The lonely loner walks away, hands still in his pockets.
Not showing emotion, quiet, still as the dead.

By me.